Supermarket crates

supermarket crates dispaly for fruit

The supermarket crates or bale arm crates are the leading food produce tray for retail grocery logistics and point-of-sale display.Bale arm containers are extremely versatile,they can be used in many industries where reliable packaging and space saving capabilities are key requirement. Our bale arm crates are made from virgin materials and can be used for the storage and transport of products in many industries like agriculture, food processing, distribution, grocery distribution, shelf display.

Ventilated Bale Arm crates are used by all the major supermarkets to display and store fresh produce, They are popular because they are durable, stackable, and easy to handle, Bale arm crates are often used in industries such as agriculture, food and beverage, and retail.

The bale arm crates inter-stack with each other for the safe distribution of fruit and vegetables, pre-packaged meats, fish and ready meals.

Stack and nest plastic bins, Straight sided Storage containers

Bale arm crates features

nestable bale arm crates

Can be easily nestable to save space and transportation costs

bale arms crates in supermarket for fruit display

Bale arms crates in supermarket for fruit display

bale arm crates with logo

Print your company logo on the Bale arm crates

stackable bale arm crates

Stack when the bale arm crate are in use

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