Ifco crates for sale

Ifco crates for sale, IFCO is the acronym for International Food Container Organization.IFCO crates (also known as RPCs (the abbreviation for reusable packaging containers), or reusable containers, or reusable crates) are a type of reusable packaging for transporting fresh food produce. Buy plastic ifco crates directly from the manufacturer. The ifco collapsible crates are popular due to their ease of reuse, their capability of being stacked when full of produce and that they can be flattened when empty for compact return to producers/shippers/growers or for storage purposes. they are used in many areas like fresh food, fruit and vegetables, bananas, baked goods, eggs, apple, grape, dairy, convenience foods, meat and fish, etc. They are also refered as IFCO Banana crate, ifco egg crate, ifco reusable plastic containers,ifco folding crate.

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