Supermarket crates, supermarket stacking crates-6410


Product Model


External Dimensions

600X400X100 mm
23.62X15.75X3.94 in

Internal Dimensions

570X370X90 mm
22.44X14.57X3.54 in

Folded Height

0 mm
0 in

Static Load Weight


Dynamic Load Weight



1.19 kg
2.62 lbs


19 Liters
5.02 Us gallon
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The Supermarket stacking crates has a standard 600x400mm footprint. They are equipped with 2 strong bale arms enabling them to be able to be stacked and nested. Popular within major supermarket chains, the stack nest baskets are used throughout a number of industries including food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, engineering and general manufacturing, retail distribution and recycling etc.

Supermarket crates are a very efficient storage medium,they are very popular in market and ideal for fresh and frozen food, as well as many other grocery items.Our supermarket stacking crates are constructed from tough, food grade plastics or recycled plastic. Each is designed to be flexible and robust and provide a safe way to store or transport goods.

The plastic supermarket crates ventilated construction allows for excellent airflow and drainage capabilities. The standard Euro-sized footprint allows the plastic stacking crate to be compatible with many display cabinets, standard European sized pallets and plastic dollies.

The supermarket crates can be moved to enable the containers to both stack and nest. When the bale arm is opened containers nest saving up to 76% of their original height. The alternative stacked height allows efficient distribution and means the same tray can be used for a number of different applications.

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