Plastic bread trays, commercial bread trays-690


Product Model


External Dimensions

690X445X180 mm
27.17X17.52X7.09 in

Internal Dimensions

0X0X0 mm
0X0X0 in

Folded Height

0 mm
0 in

Static Load Weight


Dynamic Load Weight



1.7 kg
3.75 lbs


0 Liters
0 Us gallon
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Plastic bread trays are designed for the efficient use of your available space in the bakery or warehouse, on trucks, and in convenience store or supermarket storage.

When full, these commercial bread trays stack securely for easy transport and merchandising. When empty, they cross-stack and nest for back room and truck space savings.

Stacked trays form visually appealing, easy-access merchandising displays in aisles or baked goods sections.


  • Swing bar is optional, stackable put in swing bar and nestable put out swing bar
  • Nestable design to save space when not in use
  • Silk printing with customer`s name and logo
  • Label holder can be optional for attaching
  • Specially for bread loading

Available size of plastic bread trays





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