collapsible milk crate, plastic folding milk crates-33285


Product Model


External Dimensions

330X330X285 mm
12.99X12.99X11.22 in

Internal Dimensions

305X305X270 mm
12.01X12.01X10.63 in

Folded Height

85 mm
3.35 in

Static Load Weight


Dynamic Load Weight



1.3 kg
2.87 lbs


25 Liters
6.6 Us gallon
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The Collapsible Milk Crate is a stackable plastic storage crate to simplify all of your activities, trips and day-to-day tasks. Easy to use, pop ’em open when you need them, fold ’em flat when you don’t.

Collapsible/folding design helps saving around 80% space, and therefore saving shipping and storage costs. It also helps with easier packing, transportation and storage. Comfortable, side grip handles make heavy lifting a breeze. Flat surface makes it easier to clean. Interlocking nesting system provides stability for vertical nesting. Flexible interlocking stacking system prevents slippage.

we combines packing, transport and storage into one reusable, folding milk crate.

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