fold flat crate collapsible bins JOIN-KL6040305W


Product Model


External Dimensions

600X400X305 mm
23.62X15.75X12.01 in

Internal Dimensions

555X360X290 mm
21.85X14.17X11.42 in

Folded Height

85 mm
3.35 in


2.31 kg
5.09 lbs


57.94 Liters
15.31 Us gallon

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fold flat crate collapsible bins Application

collapsible crates

fold flat crate collapsible bins Product Advantages

folding storage crate

High durable

The structure design is reasonable, firm and durable, can be recycled, the service life is long.

stackable folding crate

High load bearing

The fold flat crate collapsible bins is designed with pin shaft, a single collapsible crates can carry 15-20kg, and can stacked up to 5 crates

food grade

Food-grade material

The collapsible storage crate is Made from new PP material,and it is safe to use for food grade packaging.

plastic folding crate

Anti-high and low temperature

High temperature resistance to 70 ℃(8 hours experiment), no deformation and no melt.Resistance to low temperature to -18 ℃,no deformation and not fragile

Collapsible Crates Snap Joints skid resistance

The bottom of the storage crates can be stacked crossly,that prevents the collapsible plastic containers from moving.

collapsible plastic containers

fold flat crate collapsible bins open and fold up show

collapsible storage containers
collapsible storage containers

Collapsible Crates package and shipment

collapsible storage bins

Quality inspection before packaging

plastic collapsible crate

Package into blocks

collapsible crates storage

Reinforced wrapping on pallet

heavy duty collapsible crates

Shipment by carton

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